Today I mourn the death of a dear friend: my laptop. Its key board has clicked its last keys, its speakers have played its last tunes, and its mouse pad has made its last swipes. After nearly 6 years of loyalty and devotion, she has been laid to rest, to be forever remembered and appreciated for all of her hard work.
She was a great MAC, always ready to conquer any adobe endeavor I presented on screen without a hiccup or unnecessary spinning color wheel. Whether it be a tedious illustration requiring countless hours of vectorizing in Illustrator or a book of content to be laid out and organized in InDesign, she was always ready for the challenge. We saw many a long nights together as we completed project after project in my collegiate years, and then even a few more in the months after graduation. As many a fellow designers know, a creative’s computer takes quite a beating during they’re years of service, and my dear MAC severed those hard years with grace.
Today, with great reluctance and heavy heart, I close her screen one last time, for we have had such a great many years together. I am grateful for all of your hard work and assistance in my art making. So, here is to all creative’s computers and they’re devotional years, however many that may be, and thank you for your relentless dedication to our craft.
Rest in peace